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Postdoctoral position to work on aging and metabolism in C. elegans: We are looking for a talented postdoctoral researcher to join our lab to study the interplay between energy metabolism and aging using nematode C. elegans. The successful candidate will lead the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award-funded project focused on using novel genetically encoded tools (GEMMs) to manipulate metabolism in live C. elegans in compartment- and tissue-specific manner. The availability of these novel tools will allow us to establish causal connections between specific diet-induced changes in metabolism and diet-induced phenotypes including lifespan extension, foraging behavior, reproduction, gene expression changes etc. The successful candidate will work under the broad direction of the principal investigator. Particular experimental techniques that we plan to use include but are not limited to generation of transgenic C. elegans capable of inducible- and tissue-specific expression of GEMMs using MosSCI, operation of our lab’s Lifespan Machine to automatically measure lifespan of thousands of C. elegans, generation and analysis of RNAseq and proteomics datasets, use of genetically encoded fluorescence sensors to measure metabolic state of C. elegans and various other assays to measure the physiological state of C. elegans under different conditions. Email Denis if you want to learn more about this position. Submit your application at

Several other positions are available: We are also actively looking for outstanding postdocs, graduate students and undergraduate students with interest in metabolism and/or aging research to work on a variety of other experimental and computational projects using mammalian cell culture and/or C. elegans.

Postdocs: A successful postdoc candidate should have a minimum of one first author publication from their PhD and should be competitive for prestigious postdoctoral fellowships such as Helen Hay Whitney, NIH F32, Jane Coffin Childs, Human Frontiers, EMBO or LSRF. Please email your CV, cover letter describing why you’re interested in our lab and three reference letters to Denis.

Graduate students: We accept rotation students from the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology, Department of Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology, Center for Computational Biology and Biophysics Graduate Group. Please email Denis to learn more about potential rotation and thesis projects.

Undergraduate students: We recruit undergraduate students through the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP). A prospective undergraduate researcher should expect to commit a minimum of 15 hours per week to research during the semester and  full-time during the summer for a minimum of 3 consecutive semesters/summers. Please visit the URAP website in August and January to learn more about existing opportunities for upcoming Fall and Spring semesters.